Why Cialis Better Than Viagra

Following are several reasons why Cialis is a better Erectile Dysfunction solution than Viagra.

Compare ED Medication Performances

Starts to work Duration Side Effects Alcohol Effective Price
Viagra® 60 minutes 4 hours Moderate No 78% $6.96
Cialis® 30 minutes 36 hours Very mild Yes 89% $5.23


The Cialis Pill is Smaller Than the Viagra Pill

Cialis and Viagra

Cialis 20 mg and Viagra 50 mg

This means that your risk of scratching your throat is significantly reduced. The smaller 20mg Cialis pill has an oval shape. Therefore, it is much easier and more pleasant to swallow than the bigger 100mg Viagra pill consisting of a square shape.

Cialis Canada has the shape of a streamlined capsule which means it glides down your throat more easily.

The shape of the Viagra pill, on the other hand, is square and angular. It is not as nice as Cialis because you feel the tablet in your throat when you swallow it.

You get both comfort and safety when you choose Cialis over Viagra.

Cialis Lasts 31 Hours Longer Than Viagra


Dear, it’s time for love!

Even though Cialis consists of a lower dosage than Viagra, this pill lets you achieve a stable and firm erection for up to 36 hours while Viagra lasts only 5 hours.

Cialis is unofficially known as A Weekend Pill. One pill is enough to spend a nice weekend with your sweetheart without fearing that your erection may suddenly disappear.

You get more sex for the same price when you choose Cialis over Viagra.

You Can Take Cialis with Alcohol



It is hard to imagine a romantic date without drinking a glass of wine or champagne.

Viagra cannot be mixed with alcohol. Pfizer advises men to take Viagra on an empty stomach and avoid drinking alcohol because it can lessen the effect of the pill.

Eli Lilly claims that its product, Cialis, will work with fat food and even with a small amount of alcohol.

You get the freedom to choose your food and drinks when you choose Cialis over Viagra.

Cialis Has Fewer Side Effects Than Viagra


F-@-@-@-@-ck !!

Face and neck redness are one of the most common Viagra side effects. Such a symptom is not only embarrassing, but it also signals Viagra use which is not always desirable.

According to the feedback of numerous patients, the ‘red face’ side effect is either less noticeable or doesn’t appear at all when Cialis is used.

The reason for this is that Cialis operates slower and it has a deeper effect. It does not cause the sudden blood rush to your face that Viagra does.

You get natural face color and private discretion when you choose Cialis over Viagra.

Cialis Improves Your Sexual Life


Hard as stone!

The National Institute of Health conducted a three-month study in 2005. It divided 367 patients into two groups. The first group was given Cialis. The second group was treated with Viagra. The results were evaluated using four points. They showed the following results:

  1. Cialis gives a stronger erection than Viagra.
  2. Cialis leads to stronger sexual desire than Viagra.
  3. Cialis gives deeper sexual satisfaction than Viagra.
  4. Cialis gives a more powerful orgasm than Viagra.

You get stronger emotions and feelings as well as better sexual performance when you choose Cialis over Viagra (legit viagra).

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It is best if you take both pills so that you can evaluate the different responses that you get when taking Cialis versus Viagra.

Order 30 pills of Cialis and we will give you 4 pills of Viagra for free.


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Why Viagra is Better than ED injection drugs.


Top Comments

By accident a Viagra pill got stacked in my ear canal. My wife is very happy: She said I can hear LONGER to her ( I must admit – girly stories). And I can hear FURTHER. Guess what my neighbor said o his wife..
Never tried Cialis in my nose – I bet I can smell better.. Mhhhhh

I took Cilais to stop me from rolling out of the bed. Worked a treat!

David Jones
I took Cialis, and the pill got trapped in my throat for about 5 minutes. I then had a stiff neck for a week.

This comparison is based on as many as five points (size, duration, effectiveness, interactions alcohol, etc)!
And I find it really interesting.
Did you click the tabs?

Age 36, without Cialis I can have sex once or twice a day. With Cialis it goes up to 6-7.
I used to break 100mg Viagra pills in to 3 or 4 pieces. Viagra worked but I got facial flushing and looked like I was on drugs. With Cialis I have no side effects.
If I know I’m going to have a demanding weekend I pop a Cialis.
I am on a medication that affeced my sexual performance but with Cialis or Viagra I have no worries.

Pete Bussell
OMG…. I CAN NOT BELIEVE that this interesting but irrelevant comparison between Cialis and Viagra is based on shape of the pill….. what most readers are interested in is the shape of the penis AFTER SWALLOWING THE PILLS

Hey… I’m Alex 38.. I have tried them both. Yes viagra works but like said above certain food can lessen the effect, with cialis you can take it with food with no change to the effect. It last much longer too. I’m in good shape with no health problems. I take antidepressents which is the cause for needing cialis.

Yes I absolutely agree!! Cialis is much much more effective than Viagra

Good Guy
Hello everyone,

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Ralph H., Chicago, IL, 47 years old
I recently had a prostate implant which left me faulting in the sexual performance area. After several months of frustration, I finally asked my doctor for help. He prescribed a trial pack of both Viagra and Cialis.
I first tried best Viagra tablets due to all the fuss I’ve heard about how great it is. Although I received a good erection with Viagra, the results only lasted a short time and I experienced side effects such as a stuffy nose and altered vision.
This scared me a bit so I decided to try Cialis instead. I had a much better experience after taking Cialis. The effects lasted much longer and my wife and I had sex several times on only one dose.
Also, the side effects were practically non-existent. I only experienced a slight headache that went away with a couple hours. In my book, Cialis is the best bet.

Betty and George, age 54
My husband and I have experienced a loss of sexual excitement due to the fact that we have been married for many years. We would often go a month or longer without having sex which became frustrating for us both.
Finally George, my husband, decided to give in to all the hype about Viagra and give it a try.
I have to admit, we were both a bit disappointed with the results. George took a dose of Viagra about 20 minutes before we intended on having sex and it was over 2 hours before he finally achieved an erection.
Although we definitely enjoyed having sex, the effects didn’t last as long as we anticipated and so George has begun looking into other ED products on the market to find something more reliable.

Eliot and Louise T., Vancouver
After going several years without having a stiff erection, my husband Eliot decided to try Cialis.
He was very uncomfortable with taking an anti impotence drug, but after we talked over it numerous times, he finally decided to give Cialis a try. He chose Cialis because it could be taken with food and alcohol and Eliot enjoys drinking beer.
He also was impressed that Cialis was able to provide effects for up to 36 hours. After several years of going without good sex, this really appealed to him.
Eliot received a very good erection within 25 minutes of taking the first dose and he has been using it now for some time when we want to spend quality time together. He actually has commented that he believes the effects increase over time in that he requires less of the drug to reach maximum potency.

very good information for anyone trying to decide how to choose which ED medication is right for him.

John, age 32, Boston, MA
Hi, my name is John and I have been using Cialis for around six months. The results I have experienced are amazing!
I found that after taking Cialis, I could have sex with my girlfriend numerous times spontaneously and naturally within a 24 hour period. What’s more, I could enjoy both eating and drinking alcohol without any noticeable reduction in performance which made both me and my girlfriend very happy.
Although I experience slight headaches and sinus congestion sometimes after use, I find that the results definitely outweigh any of these mild side effects.

Frank H., 38 years old, St. Louis, MO
My name is Frank, I am 38 years old, and I am a diabetic.
As my diabetes condition worsened, I found that getting an erection became increasingly difficult, even to the point that I couldn’t obtain one even when I tried.
However, with the first dose of Cialis, I experienced an erection after about 15 to 20 minutes of taking it. The erection was rock hard and I felt like I was a teenager again. Not only did Cialis increase my sexual confidence, but it also gave me a much needed psychological boost for dealing with my diabetes.

  • Elly Smith

    Thank you for good informative site!!
    I bought 30 pills of Cialis for my husband!
    He is very happy with the ED med and I’m happy with the price!!

    Love is in the air